Driving Brand Awareness – GTA Cars & The Football Academy Collaboration


In a strategic move to expand its reach and tap into a new customer base, GTA Cars partnered with The Football Academy (TFA) – a renowned institution dedicated to nurturing football talent. The objective was clear: leverage the popularity and community engagement of TFA to introduce GTA Cars to a broader audience.


1 – Sponsorship: GTA Cars became an official sponsor of TFA, ensuring brand visibility during academy events, matches, and training sessions.

2 – Social Media Campaign: A comprehensive social media campaign was rolled out, highlighting the synergy between GTA Cars and TFA. This included posts showcasing GTA Cars at TFA events, testimonials from academy members, and behind-the-scenes content.

3 – Press Release: To ensure maximum media coverage, a press release was crafted and distributed, detailing the collaboration’s objectives and anticipated impact.


The collaboration not only enhanced GTA Cars’ brand visibility but also solidified its reputation as a company that supports community initiatives. The social media campaign and press release further amplified the message, leading to increased engagement and interest in GTA Cars.

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