Cashback in Motion: Crafting City Centre’s Dynamic Promotional Video

Igniting Shopper Excitement

City Centre, a prominent shopping destination, aimed to promote its 5% Cashback campaign to drive foot traffic and boost sales. The campaign’s objective was to incentivize shoppers with a 5% cashback offer on purchases across various shopping categories. LEVA Marketing Management was chosen to craft a hero viral video for the campaign, showcasing the diverse shopping categories available and the enticing offer.

Mapping Out Cashback Adventures

In the planning phase, our team meticulously crafted a storyboard to outline the video’s flow and visualize each scene. Careful consideration was given to item selection, ensuring a diverse range of products was featured to highlight the campaign’s versatility. Talent scouting and casting were also crucial aspects, to select the right actress who could effectively convey excitement and enthusiasm about the cashback offer.


Bringing the Campaign to Life

With the planning complete, we moved into the execution phase, where our vision came to life. Filming sessions were carefully orchestrated to capture each shopping category’s essence, with an emphasis on dynamic and engaging shots. Quick, seamless transitions between scenes were implemented to maintain viewer interest and convey the campaign’s energetic vibe. Minimal yet impactful effects were strategically integrated to enhance visual appeal without overshadowing the main message. Upbeat music served as the backdrop, further amplifying the video’s energetic tone and driving excitement about the cashback offer.


Viral Vibes

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The impact of the promotional video exceeded expectations, garnering over 500,000 views on both Instagram and TikTok. The video’s widespread reach contributed significantly to increased awareness of the 5% Cashback campaign, driving foot traffic to City Centre and boosting sales across various shopping categories. Positive feedback poured in from viewers, highlighting the video’s effectiveness in conveying the campaign’s message and enticing participation. The success of the video underscored the importance of dynamic and engaging content in capturing the audience’s attention and driving desired outcomes.

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