Cooking Up Excitement for Roadster Diner’s New Branch

Culinary Canvas Ignited

Roadster Diner, celebrated for its laid-back atmosphere and delectable menu items, embarked on opening a new branch in City Centre Mirdif. The primary objective was to create a video ad that not only showcased mouth-watering dishes like BBQ buffalo chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, burgers, and sandwiches but also conveyed the diner’s relaxed and friendly ambiance.

Crafting Roadster Diner’s New Branch Opening

During the planning phase, our team developed a strategy to ensure the video captured the essence of Roadster Diner. The focus was on lively and engaging content with quick, playful transitions that emphasized the menu’s appeal. Key aspects included close-up shots of the food to showcase textures and colors, along with the integration of upbeat background music to mirror the casual and inviting vibe of the diner.


In the execution phase, our team brought the plan to life. Careful attention to detail was given during filming and editing to implement quick transitions for viewer engagement. The emphasis on close-ups ensured the visual appeal of the dishes came to the forefront. The lively and upbeat background music complemented the overall ambiance, resulting in a video that aligned seamlessly with Roadster Diner’s brand identity.


The impact of the video surpassed expectations. Launched across various digital platforms and in the new branch’s physical space, the video garnered approximately 500,000 views across all social platforms. This significant viewership contributed to increased foot traffic and enhanced brand visibility. Positive feedback flooded in from both existing and new customers, showcasing the video’s effectiveness in enticing viewers and encouraging them to experience the enjoyable dining atmosphere at Roadster Diner.

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