“Final Sale” Video Series

City Centre Mirdif and City Centre Deira, two prominent retail destinations in Dubai, sought to amplify their annual “Final Sale” event in the first week of September. The challenge was to create a video series that was both engaging and informative, showcasing a variety of product categories in a limited timeframe.

LEVA Marketing took on the task, of delivering a series of fun, short, yet highly effective videos. The strategy was to produce a fast-paced, entertaining video series featuring two talents who would play the role of enthusiastic shoppers. The videos would highlight various sale categories, including Fashion, Electronics, and Home Decor, all within a short span to keep the audience engaged.

The video series was a resounding success, meeting all campaign objectives. It not only drove significant foot traffic to both City Centre Mirdif and City Centre Deira but also achieved high levels of online engagement. The talents’ performances as shoppers added a layer of authenticity and fun, making the campaign memorable and effective.

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