Green Sports Club X CCA

LEVA Marketing embarked on a series of dynamic shoots with skilled models, capturing the spirit of each sport and the enthusiasm of the participants. We used innovative animation techniques to further enhance the energy and excitement of the sports activities.

The videos showcased the state-of-the-art facilities at Green Sports Club, highlighting the variety of sports available and the vibrant atmosphere of the club. Each video was tailored to the specific sport it represented, creating a unique and engaging viewing experience.

The use of models added a human element to the videos, allowing viewers to envision themselves participating in sports activities. The animations brought an additional layer of excitement, illustrating the energy and movement inherent in each sport.

The promotional video series was a success, generating buzz for the opening of Green Sports Club at City Centre Ajman. The videos attracted attention on social media, driving interest and footfall to the new facilities.
The campaign demonstrated LEVA Marketing’s ability to create engaging and dynamic video content that resonates with viewers and achieves the client’s objectives. The innovative use of animation and the effective integration of models showcased LEVA’s creative capabilities and technical expertise.

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