Iconic Fashion, Iconic Location: The Tommy Hilfiger Dubai Mall Photoshoot

Tommy Hilfiger, a globally recognized fashion brand, was set to open a new store in the iconic Dubai Mall. To celebrate this significant expansion and to highlight their latest collection, they sought to create a visually stunning photoshoot that would resonate with their target audience and create a buzz around the grand opening.

LEVA was brought on board to conceptualize and execute the photoshoot. Our team worked closely with Tommy Hilfiger to understand their vision and brand identity. We selected a diverse group of models that reflected the brand’s inclusive ethos and chose locations within the Dubai Mall that highlighted both the modernity of the city and the elegance of the store.

The photoshoot was meticulously planned, with attention to every detail, from lighting and composition to styling and post-production. We ensured that the images were not only visually appealing but also told a story about the brand’s connection to its new location.

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