Glamour and Festivity: LCWaikiki x Cosmopolitan Suhoor Coverage

Our expert event coverage in Dubai brought the LCWaikiki x Cosmo Suhoor to life at the Palace Downtown’s Viewing Deck.

With a keen eye for detail, our photography team skillfully captured the event’s glamour and sophistication. The LCW Ramadan collection fashion show sparkled under our lenses, while the enchanting performances by dervishes and an oud player mesmerized the audience.

Our coverage showcased the vibrant F&B stations, branded Turkish ice cream stand, calligraphy, fashion illustrator, and giveaways, capturing the essence of the event. VIP guests and the energetic crowd were immortalized in our frames, while the venue’s impeccable setup added to the allure.

The LCWaikiki x Cosmo branding shone through the media wall and the Crescent Photo opp, solidifying the event’s prestige. Our event coverage documented the grandeur of the LCWaikiki x Cosmo Suhoor, ensuring timeless memories.

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