Matajer Gaming Festival Campaign

To promote Matajer’s Gaming Festival, LEVA developed a marketing campaign that incorporated a variety of tactics, including creative direction, social media content, and video coverage.

The creative direction focused on creating a visual identity for the festival that would appeal to gaming enthusiasts of all ages. LEVA designed a series of eye-catching graphics that showcased the latest games, competitions, and workshops that would be featured at the event.

In addition to the creative direction, LEVA developed a social media strategy that included a mix of organic and paid content. The organic content featured posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that showcased the latest updates about the festival, including announcements about new games, competitions, and workshops. The paid content included social media ads that targeted gaming enthusiasts in the local area.

Finally, LEVA produced video coverage of the festival that was shared on social media and used for promotional purposes. The videos featured highlights of the festival, including interviews with gamers, footage of the latest games, and behind-the-scenes looks at the competitions and workshops.

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